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Rumors have been inundating the main media about the local Labuan Bajo Government wanting to shut down the Komodo Island, to reduce the impact of tourists on the Komodo Dragons’ natural habitat. Although the idea seemed well-intentioned, Labuan Bajo’s main income comes from the tourism industry, which makes the situation ever more sensitive. The issue began after several dragons were smuggled out of the island and sold on the black market. The sensationalism of the news allowed for a political agenda to be pushed under the pretenses of conservation activism, which has upset conservationist and local communities in the area.
The proposal was refused by the Government, and the issue is still not 100% clear. The only thing we know for sure is that the Park will NOT be closing in the foreseeable future.

Komodo Dragon | Komodo Guardian

Rinca, Komodo’s baby sister island who also hosts Komodo dragons, was never in the plans to shut down.
Both islands continue to receive tourist on a daily basis, offering tour of different duration with the following as some of the options:
– The express 20 minute tour
– 1 hour tours, mostly for dive operations such as ourselves when we combine the tour with 2 dives in one day in our Jurassic days.
– 1.5 – 2 hour tours
The whole issue has certainly set the spotlight on which regulations need to be put in practice to be as respectful as we can to the king reptile’s natural environment and to the dragons themselves. Furthermore, it has forced people to ask themselves what we can do to avoid putting the animals and their habitat in risk, and how can a healthy balance be achieved by being observers and not intruders.



Introducing our brand new daily cruiser, Yolande.

Built in Sulawesi by Indonesia’s finest craftsmen, Yolande is a traditional Phinisi with a western touch. Boasting all the features to ensure the utmost comfort as your explore Komodo above and below the waves.

Yolande was named after our late grandmother and is testament to an entrepreneurial life spent pursuing her passion, while raising nine children. She embodied everything we stand for here at Manta Rhei: hard work and a passion for helping others.

Our concept when designing this new flagship was simple, provide a spacious, comfortable and functional vessel for all guests to enjoy. Let us make your Komodo experience unforgettable.
We now boast Labuan Bajo’s most comfortable and practical daily diving boat. Rest assured that next time you come and visit us you can enjoy all the benefits of this beauty, remember you will always get homemade Belgian waffles to accompany the memories…

Our new DMT Joby has been doing an excellent job at capturing images and great moments aboard Yolande on our social media platforms and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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