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Top 5 Wifi Speed Spots in Labuan Bajo: The Wifi Speed Test

You’ve arrived in Labuan Bajo, and you want to research day trips but you’ve quickly realised that the wifi speed sucks. Well, don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered! There are a few great places that have a fast wifi speed, well, in Labuan Bajo terms anyway. They also offer a pleasant atmosphere in which to surf the web until your heart’s content.


But before we get there, let’s set a quick disclaimer to our findings. The internet connection here is far from perfect and has a tendency to be ever so sketchy. Some days the connection is weak, or on a few occasions, the internet is completely shut off. Talk about first world problems, but seriously, it does happen so be aware. Secondly, there are various wifi speed test checkers to use, but we opted for the Speedtest by Ookla’.


Wifi Speed Basics

Megabits per second (Mbps) is a unit of measurement for bandwidth and throughput on a network. Essentially, it’s used to measure the capacity and speed of data transfer, which in this case is download and upload speeds. Thus, the larger the Mbps value, the faster the connection.


The ping, which is measured in milliseconds (Ms) is the reaction time of your connection and how fast you receive a response from a request you’ve sent out. Or simply put, how long it takes for a page to load after you’ve clicked the link.


Okay, but how do I know what wifi speed is using the best in Mbps?


Well, it all depends on what kind of user you are, but the approximate uses for each value of Mbps are below.

  • General web surfing, checking social media, and sending emails = 1+ Mbps
  • Cloud backups & video conferencing = 2+ Mbps
  • Uploading large file = 3+ Mbps
  • Standard definition video streaming = 3+ Mbps
  • High definition video streaming = 5+ Mbps
  • Frequent large file downloading = 50+ Mbps


The Top 5 Wifi Speed Spots

We’ve intentionally tested cafe/restaurants where you’ll feel welcome to use their wifi on your laptops or mobile devices so that you are able to have an overall enjoyable experience. Also, all numbers and information are accurate at the time of testing.


Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Molas Cafe

Cafe in Hit

Osiana Alo Cafe

Labuan Bajo Taco/Bajo Bakery

Bamboo Cafe

Molas Cafe

Relax in this comfortable, spacious setting of Molas Cafe, in Labuan Bajo, with fast wifi speed to surf the web until your heart?s content.

This place is a breath of fresh air in the town of Labuan Bajo. It’s large, spacious, and contains a swimming pool, which is a surprisingly rare amenity in Bajo. They also play chill music and host movie nights three times a week. There are a few plugs dotted around the place and comfortable sofa-style seating. We’d say there’s something for everyone.


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11AM-10PM


Speed Test Mobile


Avg. Ping (Ms)21

Avg. Download (Mbps)20.93

Avg. Upload (Mbps) 16


Speed Test Laptop


Avg. Ping (Ms)27.60

Avg. Download (Mbps) 28.69

Avg. Upload (Mbps)  8.42

Molas cafe, in Labuan Bajo, offers a beautiful swimming pool to relax. Guests can surf the web with their fast wifi speed.


The wifi speed is perfect for anything but frequent large file downloading. But, be aware that it’s a large venue, which can hold many internet hoggers. Too many people hogging the wifi will decrease your wifi speed and productivity. Although, more than likely the customers will be slurping on cocktails lounging around the pool.


Cafe in Hit

This place offers a great wifi speed in a small, cosy coffee shop setting, as well as a small terrace on the side that overlooks the main road. There are a few plugs dotted around inside but unfortunately, there aren’t any outside. This could be a problem if you’re planning on using the wifi for an extended duration outside.


Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 06:30 AM-10 PM


Speed Test Mobile


Avg. Ping (Ms) 22.25

Avg. Download (Mbps)  21.05

Avg. Upload (Mbps) 13.86


Speed Test Laptop


Avg. Ping (Ms) 22.40

Avg. Download (Mbps)11.37

Avg. Upload (Mbps) 7.42


Again, the results are very similar to Molas Cafe, in which wifi speed is perfect for anything below frequent large file downloading. However, as this is smaller it can only accommodate a certain number of customers, thus reducing the wifi hogging capacity.

Osiana Alo

Osiana Alo is located on the main street of Labuan Bajo. It?s airconditioned and has plenty of plug sockets. Also, it offers fast wifi speed.

Osiana is located on the main street in Labuan Bajo, opposite Manta Rhei.


Osiana offers a small relaxed environment, with plenty of cushions to get comfortable. One of the unique selling points to this cafe is that they have two plugs per table, which is a life-saver when you?re running low on battery. It also gives you the opportunity to build a perfect set up where you will not need to move until you’re ready to leave.


Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10AM-9 PM


Speed Test Mobile


Avg. Ping (Ms)? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?22.75

Avg. Download (Mbps)? ? ? 13.20

Avg. Upload (Mbps)? ? ? ? ? ? 5.10


Speed Test Laptop


Avg. Ping (Ms)? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?25.75

Avg. Download (Mbps)? ?? 12.02

Avg. Upload (Mbps) ? ? ? ? ? 5.34


Showing Osiana Alo?s perfect setup for heavy laptop users. Two plug sockets per table, fast wifi speed.The small, air conditioned Osiana Alo, perfect for heavy laptop users, Two plug sockets per table with fast wifi speed.

With the great wifi speed and the awesome electrical setup Osiana has, we recommend this to heavy laptop users. Yet, if you’re going to spend a full day there, make sure you hog the cushions to achieve your desired comfort level.


Labuan Bajo Taco/Bajo Bakery

The Bajo Taco/Bajo Bakery three-story building, offering sensational views of the Labuan Bajo harbour

This is a special three-story building comprising of two separate businesses. One being a delicious bakery and the other being a fantastic Mexican restaurant. They share the third floor which offers a stunning view of Labuan Bajo harbour. Plugs are available throughout the second and third floor. Be warned there are a few steps to summit the top, however, the view is worth it.


Opening hours: Bajo Bakery Monday-Sunday 7 AM-7 PM


Opening hours: Bajo Taco Monday-Sunday 9 AM-10:30 PM


Speed Test Mobile


Avg. Ping (Ms)23

Avg. Download (Mbps)4.73

Avg. Upload (Mbps) 3.63


Speed Test Laptop

Avg. Ping (Ms) 35.40

Avg. Download (Mbps)7.93

Avg. Upload (Mbps) 3.32


The third floor of Bajo Taco/Bajo Bakery, from a seated perspective, showing the amazing views of the Labuan Bajo harbour. The third floor of Bajo Taco/Bajo Bakery, showing people using the wifi and looking at the amazing view of the Labuan Bajo harbour.

The wifi speed is weaker here compared to the top three, but it’s still adequate for anything below high definition video streaming. As well as, the spectacular view sure does make up for the slight wifi downfall.


Bamboo Cafe

The entrance to Bambo Cafe, located on the main street of Labuan Bajo. They offer good wifi and healthy food.

Bamboo offers a modern style, healthy image cafe, perfect for ordering a juice on a standard hot day in Labuan Bajo. You are able to sit inside the air-conditioned area on two sofas that are close to plugs or table if you prefer. The outside is also very chilled and comfortable but lacking the proximity of plugs. 


Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 6 AM-10 PM


Speed Test Mobile

Avg. Ping (Ms)17.5

Avg. Download (Mbps) 3.71

Avg. Upload (Mbps)  0.48


Speed Test Laptop

Avg. Ping (Ms) 18.60

Avg. Download (Mbps)  3.90

Avg. Upload (Mbps)  0.45


Even though the upload speed is below par, the download speed and ping is still acceptable for anything lower than high definition video streaming. This may be pushing the capabilities of their wifi so we recommend visiting for general internet browsing and emails.


Molas CafeCafe In HitOsiana AloBajo Taco/BakeryBamboo Cafe




Plugs Available




Opening Hours








Overall Rating4.253.753.753.5



If all of these fail to meet your needs, come on down to Manta Rhei Dive Center, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Or, if you’re looking to dive in Komodo, check out our blog for further information.

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