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Things to Do in Labuan Bajo Besides Diving: What and Where

The National Park offers fantastic sites for all diving and snorkelling levels. It can be accessed from Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. So diving in Komodo means staying in Bajo. 


Now the decision to come to Komodo for diving seems to be easy, but what are the things you can do when you are not diving? Everybody needs a day to relax or to go out! Here are the best places to go to in Labuan Bajo when you’re not diving. 

Places to Go in Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a little town and the main gateway to the Komodo National Park. Even though it is small, it has a lot of cool places to go to if you want to have a nice coffee or go for a swim. There is the ‘high street’ where most of the dive shops, restaurants and grocery shops are. 

Because of the one way road system, it is very easy to drive in Bajo with a scooter. (If you ever experienced driving in Bali, you know what we are talking about.) All the places we will recommend are easy to access with a motorbike. Here we go!

Restaurants and Bars

Our favourite spots to chill are Wae Molas and Seaesta. You can get amazing food, nice drinks and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They have lots of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, including vegan coffee! So they are the perfect places for everybody to enjoy a relaxed day together. Besides healthy food, they both have a nice pool if you are up for a little swim. 


It’s also very comfy, so if you have to get some work done but also want to have some beers in the evening, these are your spots. We should also mention the regular movie nights. You can grab some popcorn and drinks to have a relaxed night. Furthermore, an important side-note: they both have pool tables, so let the games begin!


 Here are a few other options to consider if you’re searching for a good restaurant in Bajo:

– Happy Banana (Best Sushi/Asian Restaurant)

– La Cucina (Italian Restaurant)

– Bajo Taco/Bakery (Mexican Restaurant)

Likewise, it could be a great idea after diving in the National Park!

Searching for a cool bar in Labuan Bajo?

Well, Seaesta would be a perfect start to get some drinks. If you want to have a beer while watching the Bajo sunset, the Blue Marlin Restaurant is another good place to go. Lots of people from different dive shops come together and have a few drinks. It’s always fun to go there! 

sunset blue marlin

If you are running late, the last place open in Labuan Bajo is Paradise. It’s the only place to go if you want to party or to dance. They have live bands and sometimes DJs playing the whole evening. So on a Saturday night in Bajo, everybody ends up in ‘Paradise’. You might find your Adam or Eve over there! 

Best Coffee in Town

Coffee addiction is a serious problem! To be honest, we understand it and a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without. So these are our top 3 places to go for the best coffee in Bajo:

Carpenter Cafe and Roastery

It’s a very small place but the coffee is amazing. They have their menu on the wall and a wide selection of different coffee types. Plus the wifi works well because they change the password every day! 

You should also check out the quotes on the wall, they have a cool vibe! A good place to work and easy to reach because it’s on the main street. We would say it’s the best coffee in Labuan Bajo.

Escape Bajo

Need a coffee but also want to have a nice view? Escape Bajo is your place! The view is fantastic and the atmosphere is great. It’s also a fantastic place to watch the sunset! 

A Labuan Bajo sunset is the kind you can’t take your eyes off. So, better have a nice place to watch the incredible show.

Bamboo Cafe

Nice place to go to, the cool and healthy cafe on the main street! The coffee is great and the air-conditioned inside of the cafe is even better. Nice place to go with your friends or to get a healthy breakfast. Or even both! 

They have a lot of vegan options, so vegan coffee is no problem over here. Bright and nice inside with a modern style. Sofas and tables are near plugs so also a perfect place to do some research about diving if you need to.

Labuan Bajo Beach

Our favourite Labuan Bajo Beach is Waecicu Beach. The beach is easy to reach within 15 minutes by bike. 

You can also walk it, but it would be an hour walk. Pro Tip: Always bring water and sunscreen! The beach is small but the water is clear and it is cool and refreshing to have a swim in the ocean. You can see boats and small green islands. 

The people who walk by are always happy and friendly. Have a fantastic view by getting a little tan! 

There are also yoga sessions on the beach if you’re searching for a relaxed thing to do. Check out Bajo Yoga for more information! Furthermore, you can get food at a little restaurant on the beach. Of course, you can also get a perfect cold beer for the beautiful sunset. Labuan Bajo Beach is a nice place to go to and one of our happy places for sure!


labuan bajo beach

The Diver Life in Labuan Bajo

open water course

With all these places to go to, scuba diving is by far the best thing to do in Labuan Bajo. Manta Rhei with its big, comfy boat is the best place to experience the perfect day. The dive sites are incredible and once the ocean casts its spell there is no escape from the diver life. 


From time to time, every diver needs some things to do in Labuan Bajo besides diving. Remember to keep 18-24 hours between your last dive and your flight home. This is the perfect time to relax, get good food or the best coffee. 


Komodo is one of the world’s best diving destinations and has a lot of dive sites to explore. For a beginner diver, you can start with the PADI Open Water Course. You might be an experienced diver and already want to explore scuba diving in Indonesia.

Manta Rhei Boat

Diving in Komodo National Park

Do you want an adventure and incredible diving? Well, Komodo National Park in Indonesia should be on the top of your bucket list. You can experience an unbelievable variety of megafauna and macro life. Komodo offers an underwater paradise for every diver. 


You get the chance to spot everything from manta rays or turtles to nudibranchs. Not to mention the gorgeous and diverse coral! Some say that coral reefs are the rainforest of the ocean – home for all the diversity of marine life. 


Manta Rhei provides courses for every level of diving. If you would like to book a course with us don’t hesitate to get in touch. Also, if you enjoyed reading this please have a look at our blog for more interesting information. Furthermore, if you’re looking for incredible photography check our Instagram account!

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