Terms and ConditionS DAY TRIPS

  1. For day trips prices are per person per day, for courses prices are per course per person and in Indonesian Rupiah.
  2. All our prices exclude the park fee and local tax. These are government taxes and can change without prior notice.
  3. Payments can be done in cash at the shop. We accept Visa and MasterCard, a 3% surcharge will be added. For online bookings, we ask payment via bank transfer ( transferwise, revolut, etc )
  4. All our trips and courses are subject to the following conditions and supplementary conditions. Any other conditions put forth by the client cannot be accepted, except where there is a specific agreement in writing in this regard. Our offers are only an indication of what the delivery and performance involve.
  5. We ask a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. Unless stated otherwise in promotional offers.
  6. Guaranteed departure is 4 persons.
  7. Full payment is required the day before departure.
  8. We do not give refunds for cancellations on day trips and dive and stay packages. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance.
  9. Promotional offers online are not valid for walk-ins.
  10. Promotional offers or bonds from 3rd parties cannot be combined with own promotions from the Manta Rhei Website. 
  11. Force majeure (natural disaster, epidemic, weather condition, etc) In the event this is happening there is no refund.
  12. Trip cancellation on behalf of Manta Rhei (mechanical failure, staff sick) Manta Rhei will propose an alternative or offer a refund.
  13. Rescheduling the day trip itinerary due to weather condition is sometimes necessary and can not be a reason for cancellation.
  14. The booking will be considered a no-show if the client fails to arrive at the specified time or date of departure.
  15. PT Manta Rhei is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, cash, or other personal objects such as equipment that belongs to clients during day trips, even in case of accidents onset by or in the boat or Dive shop.
  16. If during the day trip a dive can’t be done because of illness or other medical problems there will be no refund for the lost dive(s). If the client signs in for 3 dives but decides during the trip to skip a dive there will also be no refund.
  17. Clients are responsible for all dive gear used from Manta Rhei. Any damage or loss will be charged to the client.
  18. All Manta Rhei clients are required to familiarize themselves with these general sales conditions, and to accept them.
  19. Manta Rhei is required to make these general sales conditions known to the client.
  20. Each person is responsible for minors and/or objects under their supervision with regards to the applicable regulations by the Indonesian authorities, the police, customs, immigration etc.
  21. Our company declines all responsibility in case of assignment interruption as a result of force majeure such as heavy weather conditions, accidents, road works, fog, strikes, etc…. the resulting and additional costs for transportation or accommodation are charged to the client. This list is not exhaustive.
  22. All prices given to the client, those established in our programs as well as those given in a special quote, are subject to change under the general economic conditions and in particular due to price increases of raw materials or labour, and the applicable taxes by the Indonesian government.
  23. Our company cannot be held accountable in any form for illness, accidents, or incidents and the consequences that our clients undergo for the duration of the project.