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Terms and ConditionS DAY TRIPS

For daytrips prices are per person per day, for courses prices are per course per person and in Indonesian Rupiah. 
2. All our prices exclude the parkfee and local tax. These are government taxes and can change without prior notice.
3. Payments can be done in cash. We accept Visa and MasterCard.
4. All our trips and courses are subject to the following conditions and supplementary conditions. Any other conditions put forth
by the client cannot be accepted, except where there is a specific agreement in writing in this regard. Our offers are only an
i\dication of what the delivery and performance involves.
5. Guarantee departure is 4 persons.
6. To make a reservation a 50% deposit is required. Full payment is required at least 24 hours before departure. No full payment
= No confirmation
7. We do not give refunds for cancellations on day trips, dives and stay packages. Please ensure you have adequate travel
8. Force majeure (natural disaster, epidemic, weather condition, etc) In the event this is happening there is no refund.
9. Trip cancellation on behalf of Manta Rhei (mechanical failure, staff sick) : Manta Rhei will propose an alternative or offer a
10. Rescheduling the day trip itinerary due to weather condition is sometimes necessary and can not be a reason for cancellation.
11. The booking will be considered as a no-show if the client fails to arrive at the specified time or date of departure. There will be
no refunds whatever the cause might be.
12. PT Manta Rhei is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, cash, or other personal objects such as
equipment that belongs to clients during daytrips, even in case of accidents onset by or in the boat or Dive shop.
13. If during the daytrip a dive can’t be done because of illness or other medical problems there will be no refund for the lost
dive(s). If the client signs in for 3 dives but decides during the trip to skip a dive there will also be no refund.
14. Clients are responsible for all dive gear used from Manta Rhei. Any damage or lost will be charged to the client.
15. All Manta Rhei clients are required to familiarize themselves with these general sales conditions, and to accept them.
16. Manta Rhei is required to make these general sales conditions known to the client.
17. Each person is responsible for minors and/or objects under their supervision with regards to the applicable regulations by the
Indonesian authorities, the police, customs, immigration etc.
18. Our company declines all responsibility in case of assignment interruption as a result of force majeure such as heavy weather
conditions, accidents, road works, fog, strikes, etc…. the resulting and additional costs for transportation or accommodation
are charged to the client. This list is not exhaustive.
19. All prices given to the client, those established in our programs as well as those given in a special quote, are subject to change
under the general economic conditions and in particular due to price increases of raw materials or labour, and the applicable
taxes by the Indonesian government.
20. Our company cannot be held accountable in any form for illness, accidents, or incidents and their consequences that our clients
undergo for the duration of the project.

Price includes for daytrip boat:
1. Unlimited mineral water, coffee and tea
2. Breakfast, Lunch and snacks after dives
3. Dive and/or snorkelling gear
4. 2 soft drinks
5. Tour guide and divemaster
6. Boat ticket
Price excludes:
1. Transport Insurance *
2. Park entrance fee *
3. Local tax *
4. Harbour entrance fee *
5. Alcoholic beverages
6. Gratuities
* These are government fees and can change
without prior notice.

Cancellation Policy
  1. I,herewith certify and acknowledge that I understand that my
    acceptance on a diving and/or snorkelling tour organized and conducted by Manta Rhei Dive Experience PT- Labuan Bajo Indonesia
    hereafter referred to as the Company, is predicated on my assurance that I am physically fit to engage in ocean scuba diving and other
    activities such as skin diving and snorkelling. As a certified scuba diver or student I fully understand the risk of scuba diving. As passenger
    of living and traveling on board a ship and the dangers arising from force of nature, and I am prepared to assume such risk. 
  2.  To induce the Company to accept me as a member of the aforementioned diving tour, I hereby release and absolve Manta Rhei Dive
    Experience PT – Labuan Bajo, its agents, employees and invitees thereof from any and all damages resulting from death or personal
    injuries, including loss of services, which I may sustain on account of, arising from, or in connection with the aforementioned diving tour or
    from the ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any automobile, ship, boat, water sport equipment or otherwise. 
  3. I further understand that the remoteness of the destination, local custom and/or prevailing weather conditions might cause minor
    inconvenience or modification to the diving/snorkel portions or the tour and the Company reserves the right to modify and/or cancel
    diving/snorkel arrangements due to unfavourable weather conditions and/or technical difficulties. 
  4. . I also agree to pay compensations at full current market value to the Company for any and all damages or loss of property and
    equipment belonging to the Company resulting from abuse or negligence on my part. Manta Rhei Dive Experience PT do not accept any
    legal liability for loss or damage to any luggage or dive equipment while being transferred to/from the vessel nor while on board. 
  5.  This liability waiver contract signed by me is all subject to the terms and conditions above, which have been read, understood and
    unconditionally agreed to. I further agree to strictly observe and comply with any additional reasonable terms and regulations the
    Company or any of its employees may deem desirable or need to instigate during the course of the diving tour.
Environmental Awareness Statement

Dear Guest, 

Like you, we care about coral reefs. But did you know that many studies have proved that a significant amount of coral reef destruction is
not only caused by pollution, over-fishing and destructive fishing techniques like the use of cyanide and explosives, but also by divers and
snorkelers themselves!!
Much of the damage to the marine environment of Komodo National Park is caused by careless or unaware divers / snorkelers who are
harming the very thing they have come so far to see!!
Thousands of divers and snorkelers visit Komodo National Marine Park each year. Each day, each small infraction to the reef caused by
individual visitors quickly adds up. Here are some of the infractions and their consequences that we would like you to be aware of and
take care to avoid: 

• Fish feedings = animal behavior changes
• Harassing marine life for photos or novelty = unnecessary stress to marine life that may cause injury, death or at least an acute fear
of human presence.
• Dangling dive gear and uncontrolled fin movements = breakage and death to fragile life forms such as corals, gorgonians, bryozoans
and sponges.
• Souvenir and food collecting = local extinction of certain corals, shells, lobsters, fish, etc
Stop and think before you act. 

Justifying a negative action with ”It’s only me…….” is a fallacy.
We can assure you that you are NOT the only one. We all have the potential to prevent death and destruction to coral reefs and we must
all agree to act responsibly if we want to preserve our underwater miracles for others to enjoy as we do.
Please, do not interpret our message as a way to deprive you of your holiday pleasure. We are not asking you to swim in a cage! We are
simply asking you to pledge your kindness to the reef with the following statement. If you have any questions we are more than willing to
answer them and help you develop skills in order to become more environmentally friendly. 

I am aware that I will be diving in a sensitive eco-system. In order to minimize
my impact on the marine environment: 

✓ I will not touch any marine organism or their habitat and will not wear gloves; 

✓ I will be aware of my underwater movements and equipment at all times so as to avoid contact with the reef; 

✓ If I take pictures I will not manually manipulate marine life in order to compose my photograph nor will I instruct my buddy or
dive guide to do so. As a photographer I will also be aware of my buoyancy control while taking pictures. If we see no
buoyancy control our divemaster has the right to tell you and if no improvement MR has the right to tell you not to take
pictures/videos anymore. 

✓ I agree to act in an environmentally responsible manner unless in an emergency situation where I must act to protect others or
myself from danger.
If I observe anyone violating these rules, I will immediately report this to a dive guide or the management. 

 I understand that I can be excluded from further diving activities if I
ignore this statement, with no right to a refund. In repeat cases or if I display a blatant disregard for the marine environment I understand
that my name and a report of my environmentally-damaging activities will be shared with other dive centers. 

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