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This project stemmed from the idea that in order to safeguard the National Park, we must first do our part to help and support the members of the Komodo community. We set out to help and encourage active members of the Labuan Bajo Community who wish to follow the path of becoming a Divemaster.

Divemasters are Ambassadors of the Ocean and the guardians of the underwater realm. Helping to build the future of Komodo by upbringing responsible guides who take care of the pristine reefs, is our way of making sure that this future is ever bright. This is carried out with genuine pride and passion by our Komodo Guardians.

Rifan Komodo Guardian | Manta Rhei Dive Center

What does it entail?

Divemasters should make sure you have an unforgettable and safe experience in Komodo by being role-models, implementing the proper subaquatic behavior and always upholding the golden rule: “Take only memories and leave only bubbles”.

We train them to the highest PADI standards and underwater etiquette: the way you would want a true professional to guide you underwater.

Echo | The Komodo Guardian | Manta rhei Dive Center Komodo

The Komodo Guardian Project offers the local candidates a full year of training to become a PADI Divemaster. Many of the applicants have never dived before they begin their programme and this pushes them to step out of their comfort zone. Throughout the first 6 months they focus on completing all the PADI Courses before becoming a PADI Divemaster. From the basic self-rescue skills to dealing with serious rescue scenarios involving unconscious divers underwater. They build up their experience by spending many hours underwater, practicing under the guidance and direction of our Professionals. They get to fine tune and polish their underwater techniques, boat culture and customer service skills. Learning everything from scratch in waters which are as susceptible to currents and strenuous conditions, such as Komodo, is a big plus when training.

The project enables our candidates to cover the finances of the courses, to purchase the necessary and adequate dive equipment for a Divemaster and to earn a living wage while training.

We are immensely proud of our Komodo Guardians who have already graduated and are active working Divemasters for different Liveaboards and Dive Centers around Labuan Bajo and Komodo area such as Echo, Rifan and Yano. Our most recent Komodo Guardians
Peter and Fardin were asked a couple of questions regarding their time with us.

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