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Our Unique Divemaster Program in Komodo: What is it About?

Indonesia might be the best country in the world to experience amazing diving. Komodo National Park is for sure one of the highlights in it! As an experienced diver, you might already want to explore scuba diving in Indonesia

The amount and variety of marine animals are huge and not to mention, we have giant manta rays. Besides, the water is crystal clear so you can have a close look at the pristine coral reefs. Becoming a Divemaster in Indonesia is diving in paradise. 

Manta Rhei’s Divemaster program will start from April 2020 onwards. Every program will be two months long, with six weeks of course training and two weeks of diving. 

A giant manta ray gliding through the blue in Komodo National Park.

Requirements for becoming a Divemaster in Indonesia

So, what are the prerequisites and requirements for the PADI Divemaster course? 


A Divemaster trainee has to be at least 18 years old. Also, we need a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last year. The Divemaster course requires that Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver certifications are already earned. 


Candidates have to complete the EFR (Emergency First Response) primary and secondary care courses or have done it within the past two years. Every certified diver also needs to have 40 dives logged before starting the Divemaster course. 

Unique diving in Komodo

To become a Divemaster in Komodo, there are no special requirements. The currents can be challenging, but we provide Komodo-specialised workshops. That is a Manta Rhei exclusive advantage we provide in addition to the normal Divemaster academic training. 

After finishing the Divemaster course, there are big advantages! Because of the challenging conditions, Divemaster trainees (DMTs) gain a lot of skills. DMTs will gain the ability to read the tide and have experience with currents underwater. Not to mention knowing everything about manta etiquette! 

Diving in Komodo means going on an adventure every single day. The currents are changing every day and so is marine life. You never know what is waiting for you.

komodo diving

The unique Divemaster program at Manta Rhei

There are a lot of benefits to doing the Divemaster course with Manta Rhei. One of them is that our DMTs get to dive with different Instructors. It is always an advantage to learn from various experiences. 

Every single Instructor has a different focus. So diving with different Instructors gives the chance to perfect skills and to gain even more knowledge. So all in all, we provide that variety plus a personal mentor to learn from. 

Start the Divemaster program in Komodo

First of all, we begin with orientation – have a look around our shop, and meet the staff. Our boat Yolande is spacious, clean and very beautiful so it will be easy to get comfortable on it. 

Get to know our family! The crew is lovely and always up for a good laugh. They will also help you to learn Bahasa Indonesia. This comes in very handy! 

The food on the boat is good and there are always vegetarian options. Not to mention the delicious Belgian waffles! You get breakfast, lunch and snacks on the boat. But please don’t eat too much of the delicious food – your dives won’t be as enjoyable if you’re stuffed.


Delicious Belgian waffles after finishing awesome diving in Komodo.

Of course, we help as much as we can to find accommodation and with all questions about life here. Also, we will give you an introduction to the expat community in Labuan Bajo. So many lovely people to meet! But also things to be aware of, like cultural aspects in Komodo. 

We will provide the PADI material and a course syllabus. As a Divemaster candidate, you will get to know what we expect. Plus, we’ll talk about your own expectations so everyone is starting from the same page. 

And, of course, the first dives in the beautiful Komodo National Park. You’ll learn about the different dive sites and experience the incredible marine life. 

Being a Divemaster trainee in Komodo

A DMT will perfect the scuba diving skill circuit and complete knowledge reviews. All candidates will need to complete all stamina exercises (for example: 15-minute tread, 800m snorkel) and in-water skills (for example: mask removal and replacement).  

This is an overview of a few of the workshops we will provide:

– Deep dive 

– Search and recovery

– DSD (Discover Scuba Diving)

– DLD (Discover Local Diving)

– Scuba review reactivate workshops

– Mapping project 

– Equipment exchange

– Rescue exercises 

– Emergency action plan

A special Manta Rhei add-on is the environmental awareness sign off. This is part of the Komodo-specialised workshops we already mentioned. You will get a unique Divemaster experience here in Komodo. 

While becoming a Divemaster, the DMT starts assisting in courses as well. Plus the first-hand experience in guiding customers in the last two weeks of the course.

Besides skills, there is a lot to learn about the beautiful marine life in the National Park. The dive sites in Komodo offer a plethora of diversity from little critters to giant fellows. The reef here is home and protection for countless marine species. 

As a Divemaster candidate, you learn to identify the different species of marine life, from the tiniest nudibranch to the specific type of manta rays. It is incredible what our dive sites have to offer. Unique diving in the scuba heaven, guaranteed!

Finishing the Divemaster program at Manta Rhei

Once a DMT finishes the Divemaster Course in Komodo there are a lot of doors open. Needless to say, we help as much as we can. Once graduated, we guide and mentor our Divemaster in the next chapters. This includes specialities and Instructor Development Course (IDC) plans.

By becoming a Divemaster at Manta Rhei, there is always a family to come back to and dive with. 

Divemasters who graduate the course with satisfactory performance will get a recommendation. This recommendation letter will be from Vero Coates, Manager at Manta Rhei. It will have a long-lasting impact and can help to boost social networking in the industry.

What can I do with my Divemaster?

What is the benefit of being a certified Divemaster? First of all, it is a great reason to stay in the tropics. Every Divemaster can work their way around the world and live the dream!

Furthermore, a Divemaster is able to give briefings, guide and supervise certified divers. They can also supervise training activities and assist in Discover Scuba programs.

The next step would be to become an Instructor. In any case, we guide and mentor our Divemaster in the journey after finishing the course. 

If you want to have more information about the Divemaster Course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Also, if you enjoyed reading this please have a look at our blogs for more interesting material

Do you want to see more about the incredible underwater world? Check out our professional photography on our Manta Rhei Instagram page

Becoming a Divemaster at Manta Rhei means to jump in from the best boat in town.

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