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Boats & Dive Center

Both our boats are Indonesian traditional wooden boats with plenty of space for relaxing between the diving in Komodo, enjoying the spectacular views of the national park, and provide easy access for divers to get in and out of the water.

Yolanda is equipped for 20 divers. The boat has plenty of space in the lounge, where food is served, and upstairs on the sundeck with mattresses and beanbags in the shaded area. The large dive deck is designed to comfortably prepare yourself for the dive and get easy access into the water, together with all the divers of your dive group. The boat is equipped with 2 Western toilets and 2 showers.

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The Shop

Our shop is located in the main street and is easy to find. Look for the big manta picture on the front of the shop across from the post office. In the shop, our staff will welcome you and help you with your questions.

The shop is a great place to hang out after the dives. Sit back and relax on our comfy sofa!


Have a look at our Manta Rhei merchandise! We sell drybags, sunglasses, tank tops, T-shirts, Post Card, sweaters and small diving equipment.